A total of 2.720 farmers will benefit from a new Cashew Processing Centre

Bissorã sector will have soon a new Cashew Processing Centre tat is being built within the project Cashew Processing and Commercialization, funded by European Union.

The project, which works directly with 2.720 farmers, aims to contribute to the reduction of chronic food insecurity and to increase the resilience of rural populations through improved cashew production and processing, and through the introduction of organized commercial activities.

The new Processing Centre will have 3 different store rooms: one for the fruit, another one for the nuts and another one for the pulp as well as two processing units, one for the nut and another for the pulp.

Within the project, two Cooperatives will be created representing the 2.720 farmers to create a new commercial and politic factor in Bissorã sector. The Cooperatives will also bring more possibilities for the small scale farmers of the region.

Once the Processing Centre and the Cooperatives ran, the project team together with the farmers and partners will elaborate a management system for the Centre to benefit the population of the region in general with a long term perspective.