History and Cooperation

Since the 1980s, ADPP GB has been involved in building the country, standing shoulder to shoulder with the government of Guinea-Bissau and International Organisations. ADPP organised the arrival of Volunteers who saw help through the construction of schools, health centres and other basic and necessary infrastructure.

These first actions began under the Children’s Aid program and the cashew plantation as a method to involve communities for the country’s economic development processor.

Over the past years we have had a concrete co-operation with Humana People to People BalticU-landshjelp fra Folk til Folk, NorgeAssociação HUMANA Portugal, Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo, Humana Sorteerimiskeskus OÜ , Ulandshjælp fra Folk til Folk – Humana People to People , Federation Humana People to People who have contributed with valuable donations in the form of cash, in kind or second-hand clothes and shoes.