Mission and Vision

Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo Na Guiné-Bissau (ADPP-GB) is a National Organisation, which mission is to create long-term Economic, Social and Cultural Development opportunities for the most vulnerable people (children, youth, women and man), acting mainly in the rural areas of difficult access. The work developed aims to contribute to enhance the beneficiaries’ life conditions in a coordinated and comprehensive sense, spreading the project positive long-term impact to the surrounding communities.

ADPP-GB interventions are based on a proved participatory approach, mobilising, involving and promoting the full appropriation of the project concept and outputs by the beneficiaries.

Women rights and empowerment as well as environmental sustainability and awareness are crosscutting themes to all ADPP-GB programmes.

ADPP- GB implements cooperation projects in 4 main programme lines:

  1. Agriculture and Rural Development – Small farmers’ organisation and capacity building in sustainable climate smart agriculture methods, enhancing and diversifying their production to promote family food and nutrition security and a surplus production as income generation activity;
  2. Education– primary school teacher training and vocational training;
  3. Community Development– focused on children and their families’ needs: under 5 mortality and morbidity reduction through new-born/ mother and early child nutrition; preschool care and teaching; water; sanitation; adult literacy; income generating activities for the family; Human Rights actions; Gender equality; Resilience to natural and human made disasters; Refugee and Migrants conflicts mitigation;
  4. Health – HIV/AIDS, TB, ZIKA and Malaria prevention programmes and strengthening of local health systems. In 2015 has introduced the program on EBOLA awareness and prevention.