Mission and Vision

Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo Na Guiné-Bissau (ADPP-GB) is a non-governmental development organization (NGO) based (since 1981) and registered since 1992 (Reg. 691 de 15/8) in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. ADPP has more than 35 years of experience in creating rural development and in training communities. The organization started its work in the 1980s working hand in hand with the people, being the only active NGO during the civil war from 1998 to 2004. Currently, it is employing approximately 160 staff, mostly local people, besides approximately 150 temporarily contracted community animators and it reaches approximately 350,000 people a year with its activities. ADPP’s annual turnover over the last 5 years averaged around 2,95 Million $.

ADPP’s mission is to create Economic, Social and Cultural Development, particularly in rural communities, based on the Solidary Humanism and a people-to-people approach, by establishing projects through which development is created in key areas of education, health, agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation and mobilizing the population for active participation in its own development.

The key approach of the organization is to promote cooperation for development and promote active community participation in all its projects, with the establishment of associations, cooperatives and committees at the core of its activities, thereby creating the local capacities to assist vulnerable populations in their development, protect the natural habitat and its biodiversity, assist in cases of emergency and disasters, introduce innovations and promote local capacity building.

For the implementation of its projects, ADPP has been partnering with the various institutions and donors that are invested in the development of Guinea-Bissau; European Union, African Development Bank, the Global Fund, UNICEF, UNDP and ECOWAS, AECID, DANIDA, the British and French Embassies, various other foundations and donors and local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for the implementation of the projects. ADPP works in close collaboration with national institutions to promote country ownership of development and has signed agreements and memorandums of understanding with the Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health and Environment.

ADPP Guinea Bissau mission and objective are set within broad and specific interest areas of community development. The achievement of such interests is done through the implementation of projects within the following strategic key areas:

·       Increase Food Security ·       Health and Nutrition
·       Renewable Energy for Rural Development ·       Fighting HIV & Aids
·       Vocational Skills Training ·       Culture as vector for Economic  Development
·       Promote Agriculture Development ·       Graduate teachers for Basic Education

ADPP has established permanent projects in Guinea-Bissau with a long-term commitment: the community development program called “Child Aid” involving the most vulnerable families; the Teacher Training Center in Cacheu region; the Farmers’ Clubs program in Bissorã sector; and the Vocational Training School in Bissorã.