Bissorã Hospital improves its services thanks to Danish Relief Group donation

“Patients from Bissorã Hospital are now attended with much better conditions thanks to Danish Relief Group donation. The five beds donated by the Group were placed in the paediatric room improving children’s care as these beds are in better conditions than the old ones. The old beds were put in the adults care room which allowed us to increase the capacity to host more adults to overnight at the Centre”, said Teresa Luisa Embaná, administrator of Bissorã Hospital, in Oio region.

Maternity received also wheelchairs that are used to transport pregnant women after giving birth, “before this donation women were carried to the caring room by their relatives, but now they are wheeled securely and comfortably”, confirms one of the nurses. Not only the women but also the new born babies receive now their first hygienic cares in a new bathtub which facilitates also nurses work.

Danish Relief Group donation included 350 glasses that are free distributed to the patients according to the optician prescription, “this distribution is really helpful as there are no shops in Bissorã to buy glasses, you  only can find glasses in Bissau capital. Moreover few people can afford to buy them as they are very expensive for the majority of the population” (between 30 to 75 euros).  A massage table, uniforms, bedside tables and rollators were also part of the donation.

Bissorã Hospital shared also some of the materials donated to the Health Centres nearby, aware of the fact that solidarity between the most needed is the base of community development.


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