Children from Missira, will have soon a new school thanks to the Japanese Government

The Japanese ambassador in Dakar, Mr. Shigeru OMORI, visited the Congreso de Cassacá school in Bissau capital, to corroborate how the work is progressing in the new school that is being building from the root within a new partnership between Japanese government and ADPP GB.

The aim of the project is to contribute to improve the quality of the educational system in Guinea-Bissau through the improvement of the infrastructures and equipment of the schools where children receive education.

The new school will have 7 different classrooms, all of them full equipped with furniture (140 desks and chairs for children and 7 desks and chairs for teachers).  The new infrastructure will benefited directly 840 children per year from Missira neighbourhood, that will receive education in better conditions that will have a direct impact in the progress of their studies.

This is the third time Japanese government trust ADPP GB as implementer of development projects, focused all of them on Education, as its believed the base of any country to reach the progress.

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