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The History of ADPP Guinea Bissau


ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, began working in Guinea-Bissau, very early at the beginning of the 80s. In the early years, many volunteers from Europe, participated in the construction of schools and health posts in different areas of the country, in cooperation with the newly sworn-in national government.

ADPP na Guinea-Bissau established and renewed a cashew plantation over 400 ha, near the town of Bissorã and Mansoa. This was earmarked for professional production, in order to participate in the development and processing of cashew nuts.

Throughout all these years, ADPP na Guinea-Bissau have gained much experience, which had been the driving force in the various contributions towards improving the living conditions of people. ADPP gets a clear understanding of the needs of the country in the social community development.

On the basis of this knowledge, ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, created jobs at the projects established in certain geographical areas with people committed to social development.




 Projects established in the early years were:

  • Child Aid – concentration was more on the safety of children with a clear goal of having them surviving their first five years of life, a period where they are most vulnerable. More emphasis had been placed on improving the living conditions of children in particular the entire community.
  • ADPP Vocational School - where young people are professionally trained to have jobs or work for themselves. In any case, they can participate in the economic development of the country and of much interest create economic independence by creating economic self-reliance.  
  • From Communal Farming to Commercial Farming CtoC - farmers training, equipping them with new techniques, so they participate in agriculture development and support their families.

Throughout the years, ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, has participated in humanitarian and relief aid assistance, whenever necessary.





Here are some examples of humanitarian and relief aid assistance:


  • ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, was the only national non-governmental organization, which continued to work in the country during the political conflict of 1998 - 1999, where it spearheaded distribution of food and coordinated efforts between organizations abroad and the authorities in the country.
  • Distribution of food in primary schools and kindergartens in the region of Oio, in the locality where the Child Aid is situated. 
  • ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, built the maternity hospital Bissorã. 
  • organized a major campaign for cleaning the capital, shortly after the war of 1998 – 1999. 
  • In the years 2003 - 2005, ADPP na Guinea-Bissau, had built 15 schools with 33 classrooms, all equipped with school furniture, 14 double-roomed latrines and 14 wells rehabilitated; 
  • In order to demobilise ex-combatants, 773 ex-combatants participated in a training program at the Vocational School.