New furniture and toys at Preschool Caberná

In May 2017 the Preschool Caberná which is situated in the premises of the DNS Teacher Training College Cacheu received a donation of furniture and toys.

The moment of receiving the donation was a great joy for the children and their parents who attended the event. The happiness of the children and their parents demonstrate the perception of their privilege to be entitled to the material that was received, realizing that this opportunity has rarely been awarded to the children from other preschools.

The donation is a gesture of solidarity by the People in Denmark to the People in Bachil community. As for the direction of the DNS Teacher Training College, the donation is a witness of the strong relationship between the College and the UFF Denmark. Until now, the management of the school has been experiencing difficulties by not having enough furniture and necessary material for the school.

We have received a donation which is of a great importance to the DNS Teacher Training College and the children of the Preschool. The donation is a great support for us because it helped to fill in the gap of the missing necessary material of the School. Today we see the joy in children’s faces – we see them playing, running, jumping with each other, and that is the result of our common efforts.




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