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A Health Agent Leaving Nothing to Chance for the Ebola Virus 


How life can twist at the brink of an eye!!! The village could not continue anymore with its daily chores. The market day had been cancelled following the local government ́s announcement about strict precautions against the Ebola virus. The local authorities have discouraged the luxury of shaking hands during greeting gestures. 


ebola-health-workersPeople with cotton tufty heads or the elders in the village had no idea of how to stop the pronounced virus. 

Life in Sintcha-Loco village had become worrisome, as the local authorities had put up measures prohibiting the people to move across the nearby borders. The people ́s livelihoods in the Sintha-Loco village depended on cross border vending. Now that the Ebola virus had been reported across the border, the authorities decided to put a STOP. 


The announcement of the Ebola virus gripped fear among the villagers. The authorities had done their part. `Forewarned is forearmed`. Everything came to a halt in the village. 


Touched by the stagnancy of life in the once vibrant village, the local health agent observed that people should maintain the recommended basic health standards, and failure to do that, the Ebola virus will be in the village at a heartbeat. 


The health agent structured the village hierarchy to have all people participating at different levels in the combat of the virus. Sub-committees for women ́s clubs youths were formed. The committees became active during the health agent ́s actions. They supported the health agent in all the community efforts. Once in every month, the village elders met to evaluate the actions where the health agent and the committees presented the results for the actions against the Ebola virus. 


In some household meetings, the health agent invited the local nurse at the health center to give more emphasis on the fight against the Ebola virus. Together with the local nurse, they have fought all odds to ensure that the communities abandon all the myths related to the Ebola as archaic and devilish that is detrimental to the village ́s health. 


The health agent, together with the committees supported the villagers to establish water points at each household. A water point is sources of water where the visitors to a household wash hands or drink water upon entering the family ́s yard. The source of water is a traditional clay pot suspended on a log but has an opening on its belly that is strictly opened by pulling a string attached to it. In some cases, many families had the economic ability to treat the water with disinfectants. 


The health agent has done well to inform the villagers about the Ebola so much that people are well informed to take the fight. The organized cleaning actions in the villages have made people to change their way of thinking and adopt new and healthy ways of burying garbage. 


The Sintcha-Loco village will never be the same again, as the health agent has united the people to take on Ebola virus by the throat.