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Me, Joao Abna Sanha, born in Bissau, currently the resident of Bissora sector, the region of Oio.  I started going to school in Bissora village when I was 6 years old. After graduating from the primary school, I moved to Bissau to continue my studies. When I was in my 10th grade, the lessons in our school were interrupted by the teachers strike. For this reason one of my friends who was working in ADPP organization, offered to me to get enrolled in Vocational School Bissora.

vocational-schoolI thought to myself that it is a good idea and thus I will not lose one year of studies because of the teachers’ strike that was going on in the country. As a consequence, the same year 1995 in the month of December I arrived to Vocational School Bissora, which at that time was under construction. I joined the construction work and thus had a great opportunity to get to know different aspects of building work, to learn about the tools and technical names used in this area. As a consequence of me taking part in the construction work of the school, I decided to enroll myself to the Civil Construction course.

I would like to confess that at the beginning of my studies it was quite difficult for me to adapt to the strict rules of the school. At that time I even started thinking of leaving the school and going back to Bissau. However, after three months of staying there, I started feeling much better because I realized how much the school enriched me through the knowledge I received in social, cultural and professional fields.

After all the experiences and knowledge received at the Vocational School, today me, already a teacher, I am trying to help those newly arrived students to get integrated into our school life by showing my own example for them and explaining my own experiences at the school.

I am bringing my own contributions to the teachers’ council, by trying to improve the functioning of the school program. I am trying to pass my knowledge to the students by inspiring them with my own example as a student of the Vocational School.