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Between May and June ADPP and FEC developed a Literacy Training Course in Cacheu Region, under the project financed by the European Union "Improving access to educational quality system and conditions in rural areas of the Cacheu Region, Guinea-Bissau ".


The initiative aimed to promote access to literacy education for adults in order to combat low education rate, especially among women. For over two months, 25 students, future literacy teachers will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and think about their teaching methodologies in order to adapt them to the specificities of adult education.


For this purpose, FEC, as an NGO sub-contracted by ADPP, structured a training program with different modules, for a total of 112 hours of training. The literacy teachers will begin working in October with the implementation of literacy courses to 1,200 women members of Parents and Guardians Associations. Over the next year, FEC will continue to promote the literacy training through follow-up sessions and observation of teaching practice, in order to promote critical thinking and overcoming the challenges that will be identified.