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Another Kind of Teacher does more than Teaching


In the villages of Canchungo sector exist a lot of problems which come up from the power abuse and result in the violation of the women rights. The community people have little knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and for that reason upon our arrival to Cabienque we have decided to contribute for changing this situation.


As soon as we had arrived to Cabienque, we presented our project to the headmaster of the school and other authorities of the community. Afterwards, we started door to door sensitization of the families about sexual and reproductive health, where we were talking about HIV/AIDS, STI, forced marriage and early pregnancy, family planning, etc.


IMG 3600However, talking with the community people about the above mentioned topics was not that easy as we thought it would be at the beginning. The elderly people were telling us that we cannot talk about these issues in a public and some of them prohibited us to spread the message. By looking for support, we organized another meeting with the headmaster of the school and the village responsible and thus we chose some influential people from the community who will assist us and also will continue in the future our work that we had started with the community. The following people were chosen to accompany our work: Justido Mendes, Nazare Mendes and Feliciano Mendes. After that we started house to house sensitization with them, which greatly alleviated our work.
Our sensitization action carried out in the community brought knowledge to the people about modern contraceptive methods and family planning possibilities. Some of the people were asking us to repeat some of the realized sessions in order for them to strengthen their knowledge.
Cabienque 09/06/2016 Sunhana Danfa and Palna Mam