ADPP has been operating in the field of culture since the year 2016 in order to promote the country’s cultural heritage, the potential of the Creative Economy, the artistic and entrepreneurial capacities of Guinean youth, as well as support for the development of cultural policies as a vector for the Inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Culture and the Guinean Tradition are approached as elements of Human Development since Traditional Culture as an immaterial and material heritage, when framed and transposed into entrepreneurial and viable professional projects, is a way of life.


Promoting Creative Economy 

The Creative Economy Promotion project, which began in April 2016 and lasts 48 months, aims to contribute to the development of the governance and policies of the Guinean cultural sector, promoting culture as a vector of economic growth. The project, funded by the European Union, is thus linked to the country’s Human Development plans such as Terra Ranka (2015), where it is recognized that Culture as “Key Lever for the reconstruction and transformation of Guinea will be highlighted and promoted” and With the Sustainable Development Goals that signal the contribution of Culture as a strategy for sustainable development.

The project aims to: • Analyze the current state of cultural heritage and the potential of the Creative Economy to strengthen the country’s regulatory framework • Establish an Inclusive Culture of Basic Culture in neighborhoods of Bissau • Consolidate the productive entrepreneurial capacities and job creation of the Groups Cultural Centers in the diffusion circuits.

Mapping and Cultural Cartography

• Collection and analysis of data

• Creation of a reference group for analysis of collected data and broader group discussions.

Cultural policies and management

• Design and implementation of a training program in the Management of Cultural Policies for Development, Creativity and Social Innovation for technical and political staff.

Neighborhood Cultural Centers

• Creation, equipment and operation of 5 Neighborhood Cultural Centers for the training of young people in the arts and promotion of cultural events • Identification and mobilization of trained trainers (artists) in: crafts, music, dance, theater, oral literature, painting, sculpture , Culinary and other • Training of trainers and implementing team in techniques of organization, mobilization and management of artistic activities.

• Mobilization of young people with ideas, motivation and / or experience in the cultural area (50% women) to integrate the action • Administration of courses in the Neighborhood Cultural Center of handicraft, theater, dance, painting, oral history, traditional cuisine, singing and Others • Shows and exhibitions of students in the course of their courses • Creation of new Cultural Groups of Neighborhood • Design of a training proposal “To undertake in the Creative Cultural Sector” and training of young people in entrepreneurship • Campaigns for the reintegration of dropping students into the education system.

Promotion of Creative Economy

• Creation of professional networks for support, framing of initiatives and formalization of partnership agreements with public and private entities at national and foreign levels • Support to the formalization of the activities of the Cultural Groups created as well as the management and promotion of their entrepreneurship projects • Impulse and projection of the creative initiatives of the Cultural Groups participating in the project • Creation of a Virtual Space for dissemination and common sale to the 5 Centers and Cultural Groups formed within the scope of the project (, for national and international projection Under the common brand in Culture and No Wealth.