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ADPP implemented a project under the name “Strengthening Capacities of School Management Committee Members and Construction and Rehabilitation of 11 Schools Amigas das Crianças in Oio Region, Guinea Bissau”.


The project was implemented according to the methodology and quality criteria of Education defined by UNICEF and the National Ministry of Education.


In 2015 the project brought about the following results:

•  22 new classrooms were built, rehabilitated and equipped in all sectors of Oio Region.

• 11 School Management Committees were created, capacitated, organized and functioning actively by realizing Action Plans towards the improvement of the school and the development of the community.

• 108 School Management Committee members were capacitated and involved in the support of the maintenance and security of different schools.



 11-schools-1 11-schools-2   11-schools-3




As a continuation of the project, the next team of future primary school teachers that will start its training at ADPP’s DNS Teacher Training College in August 2016, will be sent out to those schools during their practice period, thus also reinforcing the teaching capacities of the schools.