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Culture project

The aim of the project is to contribute to develop  the governance and the politics of the national cultural sector promoting culture as a key of progress. The project started the 1st of April 2016 and will last 4 years.


To reach the objectives the program will analyze the actual situation of the cultural heritage and the potential of the local Creative Economy to reinforce the regulation system of the country. It will also establish a Cultural Inclusive Structure in 22 neighborhoods of Guinea Bissau consolidating productive entrepreneur capacities.



IMG 9105 Presentación proyecto UE 3 de 8   Presentación proyecto UE 1 de 8


The main activities of the project will be:



Collection and analysis  of information

Creation of a reference  group to discuss and analyze the information collected


Management and cultural politics for development, creativity and social innovation

Design of training programs about Cultural Politics Management for Development, Creativity and Social Innovation

Seminars to train technicians and politics


Cultural Centres

Creation, equipment and operation of 5 Cultural Centres with  self sustainability



Mobilization of teachers (artists) capacitated in : handcraft, music, dance, theatre, spoken literature, paint, sculpture and culinary.

Training of teachers and implementer team in organization, mobilization and management of artistic activities.

Administration of courses in the Cultural Centres

Mobilization and organization of young people with ideas, motivation and cultural projects (50% women).

Organization of spectacles and exhibitions of the students work within their specific courses

Creation of new cultural centres

Awareness campaigns about social problems and reintegration of students to the National Education System


Promotion of Creative Economy

Creation of professional networks to support and guide creative initiatives and to formalize contracts with public and private entities at national and international level.