3 Years of Donations from the Danish Recycling Funds and UFF

ADPP – Guinea Bissau since 2015 in June started to Received Containers of Second-hand materials from Denmark. These materials are benefited under a partnership agreement between ADPP –Guinea Bissau and UFF- Humana in Denmark. Taking into consideration that what is regarded as of zero value in one part of the world still can serve on the other part of the world. In this regard UFF- Humana in Denmark signed an agreement of collecting and sending containers of second-hand materials with The Danish Relief Group that is known as Nødhjælpsdepotet this group is located in the city of Næstved. This donation is made by the fund called “Recycling for Development” also known as “Genbrug til Syd”.

ADPP –Guinea Bissau has benefited 5 Containers of assorted materials from the Recycling Fund and UFF-Humana;

  • In 2015 received one Container with items like School chairs, Office chairs, School tables and office tables, simple hospital equipment and first aid medication including 500 Spectacles. The materials were distributed in all the projects operated by ADPP Guinea Bissau such as; Farmers in Bissorá, Vocational school in Bissorá, DNS in Bachil and the National Office for ADPP. In addition to that all the medical equipment were given to the Ministry of Health in Guinea Bissau who then gave to regional hospital in Mansoa,
  • In 2016 ADPP –Guinea Bissau through the same Recycling Fund and the involvement of the mentioned partners benefited 2 more containers which were full of different items like 70 Computers from the Computer Group in Holbæk”., School chairs and tables, Blackboards, including medical equipment as well as the spectacles and wheelchairs. So the materials again were distributed in the same line as the objective for the furniture was to complete at least an average of 25 Chairs in the 24 community centers operated by Farmers Club project in Oio. And the rest of the materials Computers were distributed amongst the projects in Guinea Bissau operated by ADPP such as the Vocational school in Bissorá, Teachers Training College in Bachil, Farmers Clubs in Bissorá and some in the national office for ADPP in Bissau.
  • Recently in 2017, during the period of April to June, ADPP- benefited 2 containers in of assorted items such as: 185 School tables of which 55 are for 2 people each and 80 for one person each, 16 bicycles, 18 bags for the sleeping pads, 7 Sewing machines, 7 boxes Spectacles and 13 boxes cases for the spectacles, 5 Hospital beds and 5 Mattress, 3 Wheelchairs and 21 Rollators just to mention a few. These materials were also distributed to the mentioned projects. On average each container contains items with a value of around 40.000 euro. In total, until now ADPP Guinea-Bissau and its partners have benefited over 200.000 Euros from the recycling fund.