History and Cooperation

Since the 1980s, ADPP GB has been involved in building the country, standing shoulder to shoulder with the government of Guinea-Bissau and International Organisations. ADPP organised the arrival of Volunteers who saw help through the construction of schools, health centres and other basic and necessary infrastructure.

These first actions began under the Children’s Aid program and the cashew plantation as a method to involve communities for the country’s economic development processor.

ADPP-GB collaborates with many different Government Departments to carry out the programmes. The collaboration with the Government is based on a General Cooperation Agreement established in 1999, renewed in 2021, and specific agreements signed during the years after with Ministry of National Education; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Public Health; Ministry of Environment and Biodiversity; Ministry of Women, Family and Social Solidarity; Ministry of Defence; State Secretariat of the Communities.

During 2021, important co-operation has been with, among others:

  • The Regional Authorities in Oio and Sector Authorities in Bissorã within agriculture and vocational training;
  • The Regional Authorities in Cacheu about operating the Teacher Training College and organising the student’s school practices;
  • The Regional Authorities in Bissau, Oio and Cacheu about the Health programme;
  • The Nucleus of HIV/AIDS prevention in the Ministry of Defence;
  • The Oio Region Government and State Secretariat for Planning about the administration of the ADPP-GB counterpart fund;
  • The regional authorities in the context of the Fundraising Clothes & Shoes Project.

The organisation received assistance as being a founding member organisation of The Federation Humana People to People movement. During 2021 the member organisations UFF/HPP Denmark, UFF in Norway, Humana Portugal, HPP Lithuania Baltic contributed with cash funds or donations in 2nd hand clothes for the projects.

ADPP-GB during 2021 received important financial and other assistance for programmes operation from:

European Union; TESE; US Department of Defence; African Development Bank; Global Fund through Ministry of Public Health; UNFPA, Coalition PLUS, Genbrug til Syd (2nd Hand Equipment to South).

Some ADPP-GB projects were supported through the ADPP-GB counterpart fund established according to the General Cooperation Agreement with the Guinea-Bissau Government. Part of the funds has been used to cover expenses for projects in Oio Region, e.g. Vocational School in Bissorã,  Farmers’ Clubs projects, health actions in Oio and 8% of the fund for administration. The ADPP-GB counterpart fund is also financing community projects in the region of Oio for small local organisations according to decisions taken by the Fund Management Committee created for this purpose.