ADPP Guiné-Bissau currently has projects in the different regions of the country in the areas of Education, Health, Agriculture, Culture, Community Development and Economic Development.

In the area of Education, ADPP is mainly focused in two senses: Teacher Training Schools for primary education in rural areas and Vocational Schools that form young people in Agricultural, Civil Construction, Management and Administrative courses, Electricity, Maintenance of Solar Panels and Water bombs.

In the area of Health, ADPP has been fighting in the information and awareness of populations for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as HIV / AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Ebola and Zika. Programs such as Total Epidemic Control are based on specialized training of Community or Field Health Officers whose function is to identify, inform, guide, mobilize, change behaviors and overturn prejudices and stigmas, hazards, risks, contagion , Prevention and treatment of these diseases in communities.

To contribute to Agricultural Development, ADPP operates through its Farmers Clubs program to organize and train smallholder farmers in sustainable agriculture systems and increase food security and reduce poverty by creating resilience in rural families.

ADPP operates in the area of Culture in order to promote the country’s cultural heritage, the potential of the Creative Economy, the artistic and entrepreneurial capacities of Guinean youth as well as support for the development of cultural policies as a vector for inclusive economic growth and Sustainable development.

Focused on the well-being of children and their families, Community Development programs aim to reduce the mortality of children under 5 years old, create health conditions, health and hygiene awareness and diseases related to water quality, safety improvement Income-generating activities, access to quality pre-school, adult literacy, reduction of various gender-based discrimination, sensitization to mitigate the impact of harmful customs, support and reintegration into orphans, ex-combatants and others.

In order to contribute to the Economic Development of the communities in which ADPP GB operates, as well as raise funds for the support and sustainability of its projects, ADPP GB through its Clothing and Footwear Apparel project, Access to the clothes of rural and urban populations creates jobs by selling clothes at affordable prices to local merchants. In turn, ADPP has 450 hectares of cashew trees in the Oio region in order to generate economic returns for farmers and local populations who lease them, as well as to support ADPP GB projects in the country.