Community Development

United, resilient and sustainable communities!

Communities or tabancas are the organizational units of Guinea-Bissau, since the majority of the population lives in rural areas. In these, strong networks of relationships are established, being vehicles for the adoption of new knowledge, practices and behaviours. It is at the center of communities that education mechanisms and the development of culture and customs are developed: behaviour, dressing, celebrating and cooking pass from generation to generation, adapting to the demands and challenges. Guinea-Bissau has a unique cultural wealth due to the existence of more than 15 ethnic groups that populate this small country. However, there are many challenges that communities face, especially when hunger and poverty plague their most capable members. People seek solutions that bring prosperity: looking for jobs in big cities, regular or irregular emigration, engaging in less lawful activities or exposing themselves to situations that put their lives at risk. United and resilient communities are safe places and have members who know their rights and are able to seek appropriate solutions to their problems. We live in moments of instability and the focus will be on solutions and potential instead of problems. Hard and group work will bring more prosperity. “Old solutions never solved new problems”.


650 Communities

Sanitation is important for all communities in helping to maintain health and increase life-span. In 2021 the project teams reached 120.915 people in 650 communities in the mobilisation of stopping open defecation.

258 communities are ready to be declared Open Defecation Free, and 350 activists were trained in the communities mobilised in the danger of open defecation.

The communities will continue their Community Participation and Education (PEC).

The project was funded by European Union, with TESE (Association for Development through Technology, Engineering, Health and Education) as main contract holder of the Ianda Guiné! Lus ku Iagu action.

Youth in Action – Culture

The Youth in Action – Culture project in cooperation with Quelele and PLACK II, financed by Camoes. Training of youth and events will take place in 2022 and 2023.