Economic Development

Through the development of commercial activities, ADPP seeks to contribute not only to job creation and economic growth, but also to raising funds for its projects.

Fundraising through the recycling of clothes

The ADPP GB Apparel project aims not only to raise funds to ensure the continuity of ADPP GB projects in the country through the sale of second-hand clothes and footwear but also to facilitate access to clothing for rural and urban populations and to create Through the sale of clothing at affordable prices to local merchants.
ADPP GB is a member of the Humana People to People Federation, whose members collect second-hand clothing in Europe and North America which in turn are screened by members of the People to People Human Federation to ensure each piece is in working order Optimal for your use. Once they are received in Guinea-Bissau, ADPP GB sells them at affordable prices to local merchants generating a value chain of the product. In addition to the sale, ADPP annually donates clothing to the communities that need it or in cases of emergencies, usually due to natural disasters.

Part of the funds raised is earmarked annually to support community projects of local associations where ADPP GB has its Clothing.

Cashew Plantation

ADPP GB has 450 hectares of cashew trees in the Oio region in order to generate economic returns for farmers and local populations who lease them, as well as to support ADPP GB projects in the country.

Each farmer has access to a plot of 4 hectares for free exploitation by paying a monthly quota to ADPP GB. On the other hand, ADPP GB’s specialists support farmers with training and follow-up in the formulation of new business opportunities to increase the income of their agricultural activity and to obtain better prices in the commercial negotiation of their products with other traders.