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In 2015 ADPP Guinéa-Bissau addressed the Ebola outbreaks in the neighboring country Guinea Conakry and in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The outbreak in March 2014 was declared as a public health emergency of international concern by the WHO. By January 2015 the virus had spread in the affected countries and had infected more than 22.000 and killed more than 8.000 people and resulted in serious economical and social consequences in the affected countries. 


ADPP Guinéa-Bissau, partnering with IOM (International Organization for Migration), implemented a project to sensitize the population about the Ebola virus and to mobilize for preventive actions. The project focused on the bordering regions with Guinea Conakry (i.e. Gabú and Tombalí) and also the islands of the country, since many fishermen from Guinea Conakry stay there temporarily and also because of the poor sanitary installations in the area. 


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The main strategy of the project was the use of 15 trios who traveled to the 61 communities, reaching people face-to-face with information about Ebola. The 15 trios mobilized and trained local health workers who joined the campaigns, which empowered the communities and increased the desired-for sustainability of the project. 


Campaigns are carried out in which people were explained about Ebola prevention and basic sanitation practices. People were advised to actively participate in announcing suspected Ebola cases, to engage in prevention and healthy sanitation practices and all people were informed about ways and methods to deal with emergency cases. 


Until now nearly 200,000 people were reached face-to-face with information about Ebola and methods and actions of prevention. So far 1,200 local volunteers and Community Health Workers were involved and trained.