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Clothes and Shoes: ADPP Guinea-Bissau


The Clothes and Shoes Sales Projects sell clothes and shoes in remote areas of Guinea-Bissau so that communities can have an opportunity to meet one of the basic human needs: clothing.

According to United Nations ,clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings and we need, at least, 2 kilograms (8-10 pieces of clothing) per year. In Guinea-Bissau, people only have an average of 1-4 items of clothing per year.


The Clothes and Shoes Sales project raises funds for starting or operating ADPP Guinea-Bissau’s projects in Education, Farmers Clubs, Child Aid, and Community Health Worker Project. The project also addresses the need for good and affordable clothing in the communities, where the re-use of clothing is the best alternative.


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In Europe and North America, members of Humana People to People collect used clothes and after a sorting process to ensure that each piece of clothing is appropriately used, donate part of these clothes to their counterparts in Africa.

When clothes arrive in Guinea-Bissau, most are sold to local traders in large mixed bales. Several customers purchase a bale together as few have enough money to themselves to afford buying an entire bale. Each customer has a selling station at a local market.

They sort the clothes they have purchased, into categories and then sell them at these locations. It is at the markets where there are specialized vendors: one selling station has men’s shirts, another has jeans, another has women’s dresses or children’s clothes, etc.

Throughout this chain, the clothes gain value: People work to sort, display, hang, and ultimately sell each and every piece of clothing so that it finally ends up with the right customer. In this way, through the Clothes and Shoes Sales project, ADPP Guinea-Bissau contributes to job creation in the country.


Many young people purchase bales of clothes from the project to re-sell in the markets across the country, creating employment. Other people are directly recruited as employees or staff for the project. The Clothes and Shoes Sales project boosts economical activities, particularly in the region where ADPP Guinea-Bissau operates.


In addition, ADPP Guinea-Bissau annually donates clothes to communities in need of relief aid. This relief aid is usually necessary when people lose all of their belongings after local wildfires, caused by open kitchen stoves or bushfires or heavy rainstorms.

These donations are distributed based on requests of local administrators and ADPP Guinea-Bissau keeps a small stock of clothes specifically for these events and requests.