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DNS Cacheu


ADPP Teacher Training College initiated its training program in 2012 with 40 students joining the Humana People to People “DNS Teacher Training Movement” operating in other countries: Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.
The objective of the DNS Teacher Training College is to train teachers for Primary Schools in the rural areas of Guinea Bissau. The training is designed to create a new generation of teachers who will take children’s education of the rural areas as their responsibility, contributing thus to develop the country. 

DNS is a boarding school and its curricular program lasts three years with the purpose to train future teachers and also to develop social programs within the communities where they work gaining a status of Development Agents. A national and international investigation are part of the program to better understand the reality of their own country and neighbouring countries travelling around by bus and talking to the population.


DNS diploma DNS1 DNS2 


The program consists of 3 years and 20 periods. During the first year of the program the students are working with theoretical studies and carry out many practical tasks in group and individually, and they start with experiences teaching in the rural schools that surround the college.


In the second year of training students combine theory and practice doing full time internships during 6 months in rural schools and carry out tasks as Agents of Development in the communities were they do their internships. In this period, the future teachers specialize in subjects focused on community work such as Health Care, Women Layer, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Food Producer and Media Activist.


The third year of the program includes a 4-month international investigation, in which the students travel in bus through the neighboring countries. During their travel the students match theoretical studies with on the ground investigations on the new grounds. After the travel another period of 6 months teaching practice follows before the eventual final exams and graduation.


The 40 students from the first team got graduated in 2015 and all of them are currently working in the rural schools of Cacheu Region hired by the Ministry of Education. 
In February 2016 DNS has entered its 5th year of operation and during this period the school and its staff have gained experience and practice in operating Another Kind of School by creating together with the students Another Kind of Teacher who wishes to make a difference in the primary schools of Guinea-Bissau. July 29th of 2016 the next DNS team is graduating. 



55 Primary Schools

As an extension to the DNS school a Child Aid project was launched in 2013 in the region of the school. The project now has started 55 primary schools. The project has started the schools and has organized parent associations around the schools to secure the continuity and the management of the schools. Approximately 1500 children are attending the primary schools. 


The classes operate in existing classrooms in the primary schools, in shelters made of local material raised by the parents, or just under a tree. Local people are employed as teachers paid by the schools fees collected by the parents.
As a part of the project, latrines and wells for clean water were constructed near to all the schools. Supervision groups were established around the wells and latrines.